Planetscapes -an interior plantscaping design, installation and service company for your live plants.
We'll help you choose the right plants and place them at the right location for optimum growth and for the look you want, then take care of your plants regularly at an affordable price.


Why a "plant design consultation"?
We spend most of our waking days in the office at a computer or on the phone, breathing the indoor air, not thinking much about the quality of the atmosphere we spend our days in. Before and after the addition of live plants testimonials prove how much better the indoor life is.
Many customers at our plant accounts approach us as the plants are being serviced and want to know if the plants are real.
When they find out they are indeed alive, they ask why the plants are so beautiful, healthy and shiny.  


Creating healthy and beautiful interior worlds
 A fact or two:
Plants produce oxygen for your work or home's daytime environment enhancing the atmosphere to a healthier level.
 For this reason you and your employees will feel uplifted, productive and appreciated. We have seen the smiles during a weekly plant service as a new leaf has sprouted and graced the usual boring desk top or metal file cabinet since our last visit. Leave the watering, fertilizing, cleaning and shining to the experts at Planetscapes♥  The art of "indoor gardening" is our specialty as we enhance your indoor world! 
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For 12 years, we at Planetscapes have experienced challenges that fluorescent lighting, air quality and plant placement affects the life and health of plants. For instance, we know how the weather outside affects the indoor plant-life and how to adjust the water and nutrients so the plants stay beautiful and healthy for you!

Beautiful plants placed inside containers
Many fiberglass, ceramic or basket choices

Plant design sample

A green work environment is a happy place!

Please consider a cleaner, greener more beautiful environment, call for your office, home or studio consultation
Whether it's 6 plants or 25 trees, you'll feel better with your new green friends surrounding you!
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 Smile Plants uplift and beautify!